Thank you all!!!

The fireworks have ceased and the smoke seen drifting over Frontierland...

The time has come for this chapter of my life to come to an end. This of course means that Trap Graphics and this website will no longer be maintained. I'm eternally grateful for all of the support and friends I have made over the years not only through this company but through the interactions on Facebook and in the parks.

It brings me no greater joy than to see someone wearing one of the Cast Member shirts I designed or even someone stumbling around EPCOT with my Drinking Around the World Button on. With this being said, you can still access the apparel shop via the following link. Also, pursuing my passion for the Open Source community, I have made all of my existing designs available on Pixelapse at the following link.

What originally started as my way for me to grow my technical skills in college and stay connected to my passion for Disney & its Cast Members, has grown and made me the person/professional that I am today. Once again, I am eternally grateful to all of my friends and customers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me via email.

I still have stickers and buttons available. If you are interested in them, please email me.

Thanks again,
Shawn Hoffman

Trap Graphics Offical Facebook Page